Fashion’s trickle up theory…

Because it is much more fun browsing the Internet looking at inspiration (fashionable) from all “walks of everything”, as opposed to “living on a prayer”  in the T&A sector of men’s magazines – yes I work for a men’s magazine.  I came across an article in on Arlo Weiner, the 8 year-old stylistic muse and son of  Matt Weiner, creator of  television phenomenom – Mad Men.  I see him as the industry’s (fashion) trickle up theory in hopes that a many adults will take heed on establishing your own style.

Definitely check out the slideshow of Arlo’s impeccable sense of style. While clicking through the various images,  I am amazed at the fact that this young dandy can articulate his fashion sense and style into words better than top-notch fashion journalists during the various fashion weeks.

His blend of prints is absolute.

Arlo's blend of prints is absolute.

Photo courtesy of GQ


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