The Smartest Lady in the Room: Barbara Glass

Barbara Glass

Barbara Glass

I’ve started a new section within the Qlixlist blog, one that I like to call “The Smartest Lady/Gent in the Room”, and what better way to start it off then profiling a dear friend of mine Barbara Glass.  I worked with Barbara for about a year as a wardrobe stylist for your weekly fashion segment on NBC5 Chicago’s Fashion Five with Barbara Glass.  I learned alot about the fashion industry and working with a variety of personalities in general from working with Barbara.  The experiences and people in the industry she’s encountered could be a novel within itself.  I remember seeing the abundance of photos with celebrities she knew in her office.  I always thought in her younger years she reminded me of Diane von Furstenberg during the Studio 54 days.

Barbara Glass

Barbara Glass

Barbara Glass, though no longer doing Fashion Five with Barbara Glass, is still a respectable fashion contributor within the fashion industry, along with a myriad of other stylish duties such as, motivational speaker, mentor to Chicago’s up-coming designer talent, image consultant, and now she can put prolific blogger to her list.  Check out her new blog, Barbara Glass.


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