Frankenfashion by Alex Turvey

Being a new blog in progress for a new magazine in progress, I have the privilege and excitement of seeing, reading, and approving/disapproving  of every new comment that is given.  Well today, I was doing my daily “look see” of comments and came across one from Alex Turvey regarding his Dazed & Confused commissioned fashion film — Frankenfashion, that features the wigs and hair ( “The Lips” ) from hairstylist extraordinare Charles Le Mindu and clothing by some of the hottest desginers out there — Nathan Jenden, Rupert Sanderson, Hannah Marshall, Louise Goldin, Manjit Deu.  For those that don’t quite understand it, the film can be viewed as disturbing, but you can’t deny the aesthetic beauty of this film from the clothing to the music, to what inspires Mr. Turvey to create such a film.  Kudos Alex.

Read Alex’s full bio and other information here.

See the Frankenfashion in its entirety here

Frankenfashion - Alex Turvey

Frankenfashion - Alex Turvey

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